Wednesday, June 1, 2022

May News

 May 31, 2022

Dear PreK Families, 

We have had a busy time at the end of the school year. We only have a few more days of school before the summer break, so we will be starting to send home your child’s projects and belongings soon. 

After the April break, we did a unit on physical science. The students learned a lot and had fun exploring the properties of magnets and rocks. We did many of hands-on science experiments and made predictions about what we thought would happen. We read several books on the topic, including: Magnets: Pulling Together, Pushing Apart by Natalie Rosinsky, Learning About Rocks by Mari Schuh, Rocks: Hard, Soft, Smooth and Rough by Natalie Rosinsky. 

Most recently, we learned about the lifecycle of the butterfly. We had real Painted Lady caterpillars, and observed them change from tiny caterpillars, to big caterpillars, to cocoons and finally butterflies. We kept an observation journal, did art projects, read books, and watched science videos about butterflies. VINS came during May for their final visit of the year. Our topic was butterflies and insects. We also learned about plants in conjunction with this unit. We read several Eric Carle books during this study, including: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Grouchy Ladybug, The Very Quiet Cricket, The Very Lonely Dragonfly, and The Tiny Seed

Right now, we are completing memory books about our time in PreK. We will be reflecting on work and projects that we did over the course of the school year. 

Next week, we will be participating in Field Day and children who will move up to Kindergarten will go on a classroom visit. On Field Day (6/7) please put sunscreen on your child before school. Your child might also get wet during field day, so dress appropriately. 

Although his year has been challenging in many ways, we had a great experience in full day PreK here at WRS. Thank you for all of your support and have a fun and relaxing summer. We have really enjoyed getting to know your children and we will miss them next year if they are going up to Kindergarten. 

TSGold report cards will be sent home on the last day of school. 

Thank you,


6/7 Field Day

6/8 Last Day of School

Friday, April 22, 2022

April News

 April 22, 2022

Dear PreK Families, 

Last month, we finished our study of fairy tales. We read several versions of each fairy tale: including The Three Little Pigs, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Little Red Hen.  We retold the tales through figurines and puppets. Welaso learned about planting seeds and started bean plants like in Jack and the Beanstalk. I hope that some of the beans made it at your homes. At the end of the unit, we worked together to make bread just like the red hen, then we ate it at snack time. 

Before the break, we finished a unit about communities and community helpers. We have made maps of our room, rooms at home, maps of the neighborhood, and pretend maps. We are also reading books about maps, and the jobs that people have in their communities. We read the following books: Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney, My Map Book by Sara Fanelli, Where Are you Going Maynoni? by Catherine Stock, Gloria and Officer Buckle by Peggy Rathmann, This is Our House by Michale Rosen, I Stink by Kate & Jim McMullan, All Kinds of Children by Norma Simon, and Gues Who? by Maragert Miller.

Ms. Atkinson will be conducting health screenings around vision and hearing on all students. She will contact you if your child should have more follow up with your child’s doctor. 

Currently, we are doing a unit on physical science about the topics of magnets and rocks.  The students have been very engaged in the hands-on science experiments. Many students have talked about their magnets at home.  Next week, VINS will visit again for our last visit of the school year. Below are some pictures from our last VINS visit when we learned about bears. Our instructor brought a bear pelt for us to examine. 

Thank you, 



5/20 No PreK - ECP In-Service

5/30 Memorial Day - No School

Sunday, March 6, 2022

March News

 Monday, March 7th

Dear PreK Families, 

We completed an author study of Jan Brett books, including: The Mitten, The Hat, The Snowy Nap, Hedgie’s Surprise, Annie and the Wild Animals, and The Three Snow Bears. While reading these books, we also discussed what animals do in the winter; some migrate, some hibernate or become dormant, and some stay active. This week, we will have a visit from the environmental educators at VINS to learn about animal tracks and bears. 

The week before the February vacation, we did some fun activities around Valentine’s Day and we celebrated at the end of the week with Read at the Beach, a school wide celebration. Since returning from the break, we have begun a unit on fairy tales. The students have been very engaged with the stories that we have read so far. After this unit, we will do some work around the St. Patrick's Day holiday. 

We love to read in PreK. 

We are still working on learning the proper formation for uppercase letters. We should finish right before the April vacation. If your child is writing at home, please remind them to use a proper pencil grip and to make their letters from the top down. 

We have loved playing in all of the snow on the playground. Hopefully, we will not have too  much mud on our playground with the warmer temperatures coming our way. 

For students who will be going to kindergarten next year, you should have received a sheet of paper in your child’s backpack last week. If your child will be attending WRS for kindergarten, fill out the form and return it to school. If Mrs. Cooney needs more information from you, she will contact you. 

On 3/24 and 3/25 we will be having PTC on-line again. You will receive a link to sign up for a meeting time later this week. 

Thank you, 



3/18 No PreK - ECP In-Service

3/24 Early Release - PTC


4/11-4/15 NO SCHOOL - April Vacation

Monday, January 24, 2022

January News

 Monday, January 24, 2022

Dear PreK Families, 

Please welcome our new student Mason and his family to WRS!  One of our former students, Rhys, and her family moved to another town and she is attending a new school. 

We started off the new year learning about snow and winter. And it has been nice and snowy so that we can enjoy the snow. When it has been warm enough we have played outside in the snow piles. We also brought snow into the classroom and used it in our snow table. We read any books about snow including: The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, The Snowy Day by Komako Sakai, Snow by Marion Dane Bauer, The Biggest, Best Snowman by Margery Cuyler, Snowflake Bently by Jacqueline Briggs Martin, Ten in the Sled by Kim Norman, White Snow, Bright Snow by Alvin Tressalt, and All You Need for a Snowman by Barbara Lavellee.

Currently, we are working on an author study of Jan Brett books and also learning about animals in winter. 

This month, students who are 4 have been working on the proper formation of numbers 1-10 in their own number writing books. Next, we will make number books to show collections of items for the numbers 1-10. We have also been having number talks about 3- 4 times a week. In our number talks, we have been working on subitizing the numbers 1-5. Subitizing is recognizing a set instantly without counting all of the items. This skill is necessary for early math skills and continues to be an important skill throughout life.  This would be an easy activity to do at home too. You can identify a set of chairs at the table, a group of cars on the carpet, socks on the bed and so on. Or you could ask your child to make collections for numbers 1-10. Tiny Polka Dot is also a fun game available on Amazon. We have a set in the classroom that the students have begun using. 

We will have a Valentine’s Day party with a card exchange on 2/11. Please do not send in candy. Since many children are just learning to write their own names, this is a good way to practice this skill by signing their own cards. Students do not need to write classmates’ names on the cards that they are giving, that can be blank. We have 14 students in class. 

You will see a Scholastic Book Club order form in your child’s bag. We are doing another book order. You can fill out the sheet and send in a check or you can visit their website and order form there. Just be in mind, there have been lots of delays in receiving orders. You can choose to have your books shipped to your home or delivered to me with our class order. 

With a $25 order, you can pick a FREE $5 Book (use code: READS).


Class Order Due Date: 02/01/22


Shop Our Class Page:

Shop Digital Flyers for Our Grade with Your Child:

All orders also earn FREE Books for our class.

We have many birthdays in this second part of the year. If you would like to send in birthday treats for your child you may. All treats should be should be from a store/bakery and prepackaged. We cannot have homemeade treats at this time.


Thank you for being so flexible with all of the new health guidelines. Please take time to check your child’s masks, sometimes they get stretched out and do not fit well over the mouth and nose.  Thank you for your support!




2/11 Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

2/14-2/18 No School: February Break

3/1 No School: Teacher In-Service

3/18 No PreK: ECP In-Service

3/24 Early Dismissal: PTC
3/25 No School: PTC

Monday, December 20, 2021

December News

December 20, 2021

Dear PreK Families, 

We have finished the introduction to the uppercase letter using the Fundations Literacy Program.  When we return in January, we will be learning the proper formation of Uppercase letters. Many children in our class are practicing writing their names. It is fine to write in all capitals. Just remember, all letters start from the top. Watch your child when he/she writes and remind them to start at the top. 

This month we have completed a unit of the winter holidays and gingerbread.  It was a lot of fun to read and compare different versions of The Gingerbread Man. One day, we made a gingerbread man, but he ran away from the oven. 

We asked Mr. Stephen if he had seen the gingerbread man running around our school. When we return from the break, we will make our own class book about the gingerbread man. 

We really enjoyed playing in the snow when we had some on the ground. We will still have children wear full snow gear on cold days when we play out, even if there is not snow. It is more fun to play when we are warm enough. 

After the break, we will begin with a unit about winter and animals in winter. 

On Wednesday, December 22nd we will have pajama day. Your child does not have to wear pajamas if he or she doesn’t want to do so. If your child does want to wear pj’s please make sure that they are warm enough. And your child needs to still wear shoes. The teachers will provide the class with a special snack for our holiday party.

I hope that you have a fun and relaxing break. 



12/23/21-1/2/22 School break NO SCHOOL

1/13/22 & 1/14/22 NO SCHOOL Teacher In-Service

1/17 NO SCHOOL MLK Holiday

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

November News

 Monday, November 15, 2021

Dear PreK Families, 

Last week, Vermont Institute of Natural Science came to visit our classroom for the first time this year. The teacher did a Small Wonders Pre-K activity with our class and will come back to the school in January and April of 2022. Our first topic was ball and ramps. It was the perfect addition to our classroom study of simple machines, which focused on wedges, incline planes (we called these ramps), screws, wheels, and levers. We did lots of building with different types of blocks, and discussed balance and weight. We read many books: Just a Little Bit by Ann Tompert, Building a House by Byron Barton, Henry Builds a Cabin by DB Johnson, and Balancing Act by Ellen Stoll Walsh.

This week, we have started learning about the Thanksgiving Holiday. Next week, our school will have the Thanksgiving Feast. This is a favorite activity each year. This year, we will have to eat in our classrooms again, but we will still enjoy a delicious lunch. Usually, the whole school all eats in the gym and we have a family style meal. Hopefully, we will be able to return to that in the future. Each class makes a contribution to the meal. We ask PreK families to donate  a jar of applesauce if they are able to do so. 

In our classroom, we practice yoga each day as part of our gross motor movements. The students have learned many poses now and are able to do most poses. Recently, we used the YouTube channel Cosmic Kids Yoga during our rainy days last week. It is a great channel for indoor movement ideas. 

                                    Biking on the playground during the nice fall weather. 

Now that it is getting colder outside, it is time to think about winter gear. At PreK, we go outside for recess every day, unless it is raining or below 10 degrees fahrenheit. Your child should have a full set of winter gear for outdoor play, Including: hat, jacket, mittens, snow pants and boots. You may choose to leave a pair of sneakers or other indoor shoes at school for your child to store in his/her cubby. Please label your child’s gear, as many children have the same colors of mittens, boots, and etc. We have spare items for when children forget an item at home, but please try to check that your child has all of the necessary things each day- as we go outside for 2 recesses. 

Also, if you are interested, our school helps to make holiday baskets for people in need over the holidays. We are collecting canned fruit for the baskets. You may send in cans with your child if you’d like to participate. 

Thank you, 

Mrs. Zayas  


11/19 No PreK: ECP In-Service

11/24-11/26 No School: Thanksgiving Break 

12/17 No PreK: ECP In-Service

12/23-1/2 No School - Winter Break

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

October News

Monday, October 11, 2021

Hello PreK Families, 

Brittany Adams has joined our classroom as the PreK Assistant Teacher. She has worked in

early childhood for many years and is a great addition to our team. Welcome, Brittany! We

are so happy

that she has joined our team at WRS. 

We have covered several topics of study since last month, including apples and weather.

During each unit we read many books, do projects, have discussions, sing songs, and

participate in other learning activities to build connections on a topic. When we learned

about apples, we read Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins, Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss, and My Apple by Kaye Davies and Wendy Oldfield. We made a graph

comparing our favorite color apples, we played counting and sorting games about apples,

and we made applesauce and wrote a class book about it. 

When we studied the weather, we read Clouds and Rain both by Marion Dane Bauer. We used a weather chart and drew a picture about the daily weather. We

also did a cloud in a jar experiment and we made a small cloud in the classroom. As a class, we made

a chart about what type of clothing we wear in different seasons. We a recurrently working on fall. Next

we will learn about pumpkins and Halloween. If your child has a small pumpkin or gourd at home, he or

she may bring it into class next week. 

We have started reviewing/learning the uppercase letters using the Fundations Literacy Program. We

will review 3 letters per week and should finish the introduction of the uppercase letter by the holiday

break. Then we will learn how to write the uppercase letters. We do not go in alphabetical order, we

learn them in the order of how they are written. Some letters have straight lines, some have curves,

and some have a start and a jump to them.  

Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up in early November, on 11/1 and 11/2. There will be an early release day on Monday and no school on Tuesday. You will receive a sign-up to schedule a meeting time soon. PTC will be done on-line again this year. All of the early childhood PreK Programs in our district use a program called Teaching Strategies Gold to rate individual student development and progress.  In the meeting we will review initial TS Gold social-emotional progress reports (for 3 and 4 year olds) for your child as well as, initial math and letter assessments (for students who are 4 or older). 

In our class, we use direct instruction to teach students to make good choices about their behavior. Social development is an integral part of PreK and school and affects all areas of learning. One of my main goals for students are to be happy, confident learners who can solve problems and work collaboratively with others. Being able to make good choices when they are alone and interacting with others is a BIG part of that.  In our classroom we have started learning about green and red choices to support their social-emotional behavior. It teaches students the expected behaviors in all settings (school, home, community) and across the day. Clear, consistent expectations are paired with visual supports. And expectations are almost always stated positively. We also teach lessons from Second Step. This is a social emotional learning program that teaches concepts with puppets, story cards, songs, and role playing activities. Each week, we cover a new idea. 


10/15 No PreK - ECP In-Service

11/1 Early Release - PTC

11/2 No School - PTC

11/11 No School - Veteran’s Day

11/19 No PreK - ECP In-Service

11/24-11/26 - No School - Thanksgiving Holiday

Thank you, 

Amy Zayas